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This article is about the geographic and political term. This article focuses too much on specific examples without explaining their importance to according to plan goldsworthy pdf main subject.

Superpower is a term used to describe a state with a dominant position, which is characterised by its extensive ability to exert influence or project power on a global scale. The term was first applied post World War II to the British Empire, the United States and the Soviet Union. Alice Lyman Miller defines a superpower as “a country that has the capacity to project dominating power and influence anywhere in the world, and sometimes, in more than one region of the globe at a time, and so may plausibly attain the status of global hegemony. The United States remains the world’s sole superpower. No agreed definition of what is a ‘superpower’ exists, and may differ between sources. A year later, in 1944, William T. Fox, an American foreign policy professor, elaborated on the concept in the book The Superpowers: The United States, Britain and the Soviet Union — Their Responsibility for Peace, which spoke of the global reach of a super-empowered nation.

Although, “many modifications may be made to this basic definition”. There have been many attempts by historians to apply the term superpower retrospectively, and sometimes very loosely, to a variety of entities in the past. Recognition by historians of these older states as superpowers may focus on various superlative traits exhibited by them. This map shows two essentially global spheres during the Cold War in 1980. The two countries opposed each other ideologically, politically, militarily, and economically. Cold War era, who have noted that the bipolar world only exists if one ignores all of the various movements and conflicts that occurred without influence from either of the two superpowers. After the Soviet Union disintegrated in the early 1990s, the term hyperpower began to be applied to the United States, as the sole remaining superpower of the Cold War era.

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