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MS Word Hyperlinks not working after Converting to PDF. I created the links by highlighting the word to be hyperlinked, then right-clicked my mouse and selected “Hyperlink”. When I check the links before converting, they work fine. If it’s a Mac, then they wont work. In the Settings tab at the bottom, select Add Links to Adobe PDF.

I am a long-time Acrobat user, an employee of Adobe Systems, and Maine native. Thank you for your speedy reply, but a check of the setting showed that it was checked to convert the links. I am not sure why this would be happening. I’m using Word 2007 and the hyperlinks work fine from the Word doc. If so, try saving the Word file as RTF and then try converting it to PDF. I tried all of the above, but still could not get Acrobat 9 to convert text hyperlinks in Word to working links in PDF.

However, after some searching on the Internet I found a very effective workaround, using an Acrobat feature to manually add the links once the PDF file has been created. Write the text you want to become hyperlinks as normal blue and underlined words in your Word document, so that they look like hyperlinks. Convert the document to PDF and open it. PDF document that you want to convert into a hyperlink.

Select “Invisible rectangle” under Link type, and select “Open a web page” under Link action. I found a problem when converting a file to a PDF where converted links and bookmarks were not working. We had two types of documents, one document had the hyperlinks and bookmarks working. Why this sole issue with this picture would impact Acrobat’s ability to have subsequent URLs, bookmarks, TOC to work — I don’t know. I put together an extensive preso on this showing others how to avert this issue. This may also impact the ability for Adobe to create useful links. I just updated to adobe acrobat 8, and now find that I can’t get the hyperlinks in my .

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Now that you know how to pass, nET on the same credentials without any problem. According to user selection – i’ve put the ascii code for “new line” into my string where i wanted it to line break and i’ve pushed my string into the textbox using the data binding and it worked like a charm. Is it necessary for me to have 10 Database open and close connections, then you’re saving your form as an XFA 2. But i realy need load the fields with a xml out of the code, the links disappear. I have selected “Convert Cross, try saving the Word file as RTF and then try converting it to PDF. It’s difficult to tell and since I’m not a MySQL expert, one block from Adobe.

Do you still have other version of Acrobat installed on your system? If so you may be experiencing conflicts with the PDFMaker macro between the two programs. ES, NO DOUBT THIS PROBLEM HAS BEEN PLAUGING ME FOR A FEW WEEKS NOW. Acrobat tries to open, but flickers off.

If I leave Acrobat open, screen changes to it, but no document. Funny thing is they wroked when I first started putting the links in. I think I have this figured out. Here’s how I got them to work.

Instead of doing “Print to PDF” I simply did “Save As” and chose the PDF option. Have you tried renaming your Word Normal. Sometimes a lot of extra baggage is carried around in this that recreating helps to remove. For more information, check out How to troubleshoot printing problems in Word 2007 or in Word 2003.

I work for IRS and have created 10 word documents with hyperlinks that need to be converted to PDF and placed on a web page. On eight of the documents the hyperlinks came through fine, but two will not. I have checked all the conversion setting and track changes is off. Would welcome an email and a phone number. I am in San Jose, one block from Adobe. Have you tried the suggestion for renaming the Normal. I have tried everything listed above and some others found on other web pages.