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Besides the agency problem between shareholders and managers, there is also another type of agency problem: the one derived from the existence of big shareholders and small shareholders, which is quite a common phenomenon in a listed company. In the process of dividend distribution, there exists not only information asymmetry but the different influence between big and small shareholders. Various mechanisms may be used to align the interests of the agent with those of the principal. The principal cobas b 121 service manual pdf agent theory emerged in the 1970s from the combined disciplines of economics and institutional theory.

There is some contention as to who originated the theory, with theorists Stephen Ross and Barry Mitnick claiming its authorship. The solution to this information problem—closely related to the moral hazard problem—is to ensure the provision of appropriate incentives so agents act in the way principals wish. In terms of game theory, it involves changing the rules of the game so that the self-interested rational choices of the agent coincide with what the principal desires. Even in the limited arena of employment contracts, the difficulty of doing this in practice is reflected in a multitude of compensation mechanisms and supervisory schemes, as well as in critique of such mechanisms as e. In the context of the employment contract, individual contracts form a major method of restructuring incentives, by connecting as closely as is optimal the information available about employee performance, and the compensation for that performance. The secondary sector is characterised by short-term employment relationships, little or no prospect of internal promotion, and the determination of wages primarily by market forces.

Part of this variation in incentive structures and supervisory mechanisms may be attributable to variation in the level of intrinsic psychological satisfaction to be had from different types of work. Australian survey data to show that when agents are placed on individual pay-for-performance schemes, they are less likely to help their coworkers. British jockeys perform significantly better when offered percentage of prize money for winning races compared to being on fixed retainers. Chinese agricultural and industrial data respectively and find significant incentive effects. There is very little correlation between performance pay of CEO’s and the success of the companies they manage. Informativeness Principle to solve this problem. However, setting incentives as intense as possible is not necessarily optimal from the point of view of the employer.

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The Incentive-Intensity Principle states that the optimal intensity of incentives depends on four factors: the incremental profits created by additional effort, the precision with which the desired activities are assessed, the agent’s risk tolerance, and the agent’s responsiveness to incentives. The third principle—the Monitoring Intensity Principle—is complementary to the second, in that situations in which the optimal intensity of incentives is high corresponds highly to situations in which the optimal level of monitoring is also high. The interpretation of b is as the intensity of incentives provided to the employee. The above discussion on explicit measures assumed that contracts would create the linear incentive structures summarised in the model above.