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After the tragic and bloody end to The Cartel’s reign, Carter is forced into isolation to evade the law. With his wife, Miamor, facing federal charges and his dear brother, six feet under, Carter has never been more dirty money ashley jaquavis pdf. His empire is at his feet and he has no idea how to rebuild his kingdom. Love, murder, loyalty, and money fill this hood tale as they continue this international street saga.

With Samad’s target on her back, Liberty must survive the harsh streets alone. But when a chance encounter pushes her into the arms of a new friend, Po, the two take on the California king pin, and step full force into the game. IN THIS FINAL INSTALLMENT OF THE MURDERVILLE SAGA, ASHLEY AND JAQUAVIS BRING YOU THE GRIT, TREACHERY, AND STREET PERSPECTIVE THAT THEY HAVE BECOME LEGENDARY FOR. IA AND HER BLOODSTAINED ASCENT TO POWER. STYLE ANTICS BECOME INFAMOUS AS SHE IS SET TO TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY’S BLACK MARKET. BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE THING STILL STANDING IN HER WAY – SHE IS A WOMAN.

LIBERTY HAS RELOCATED TO HER HOMETOWN ONLY TO GET A KNOCK ON THE DOOR BY A MAN SHE HASN’T SEEN IN YEARS. SHE REACQUAINTS HERSELF WITH THE PAST AND GETS CONNECTED WITH SOME OF THE BIGGEST BOSSES IN THE COUNTRY. FACE WITH DAHLIA, WHO WILL END UP VICTORIOUS? WILL DAHLIA’S NEWFOUND POWER MAKE . You thought The Cartel was over, but Diamonds are forever. The Diamond family has survived murder, deceit, and betrayal. Through it all, they’re still standing tall, and a new era has begun.

After surviving a failed attempt on her life, Breeze has moved into the queen’s position by Zyir’s side. Zyir has taken over the empire and locked down Miami’s streets. He has the world in his palms, but there is always new blood ready to overthrow the throne. Young Carter has retired and moved away from the madness—that is, until he gets an unexpected visitor at his home. This person shakes up the whole family, causing chaos that threatens to bring down the Cartel for good.