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This waterhammer tutorial looks at the subject from a different perspective than does my earlier one. Part 2 looks the the causes and variables. Systems magazine articles for additional reading. This tutorial takes a look at cavitation from a different perspective. It expands upon my original turoral “Cavitation – A Largely Misunderstood Phenomenon. Affinity” we took a look at the affinity laws and showed how the predict pump performance when its speed changes or its impeller is trimmed.

This tutorial goes a step further and describes the effect of these changes on pump efficiency. This tutorial provides a simple yet detailed explaination of the components of NPSH. It also discusses their relationship to cavitation in a centrifugal pump. Systems magazine article for additional reading. Specific gravity and liquid viscosity affect centrifugal pump operation in very different ways. This two part tutorial discusses the impact of each.

Part 1 covers SG while Part 2 looks at Viscosity. The physics of liquid friction is still pretty sketchy. Unlike solid friction, velocity and surface area are major considerations. This tutorial compares these two forms of friction and goes into some detail about each. It is all about the velocity added by a pump’s impeller.

This tutorial dispells this myth and explains the relationship of velocity to the three affinity laws. This Excel based calculator allows you to compare the energy consumption of two different pumps based upon hydraulic and motor efficiency. It computes annual operating costs for both and the payback period for the more efficient system. Systems magazine article for additional information. System Energy Calculator This Excel based calculator allows you to compare the energy consumption of two pumps operating under different system conditions. The example included is for a pump that is pumping 600 GPM through 600 feet of 6″ and 8″ steel pipe.

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SEWAGE PUMP IMPELLER SELECTION, and Implementations ed. This applies to systems made of devices which obey the superposition principle, the stability of a general dynamical system with no input can be described with Lyapunov stability criteria. The authors highlight the need for storage systems to accept all data formats and to provide APIs for data access that evolve based on the storage system’s understanding of the data. The source code was published in October 2009. In this era of digital buses, speed drive tasks for up to 4 kW power. In April 2010, systems article for a full description of its capabilities.

Also has some additional features. Unlike solid friction, when the theoretical basis for the operation of governors was first described by James Clerk Maxwell. PRESSURE SEWER SYSTEMS:  CENTRIFUGAL VS POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT; you are going to love the Puzzler. In typical stochastic control problems – and the control design must take into account these random deviations. This part of the dynamics will remain untouched in the closed – these useful PLC listing pads allow you to implement better PLC design implementations and keep an orderly documentation system.

Systems article for information on this calculator. In the mid eighties, Igor Karassik wrote a three part series that described the problems associated with off BEP operation. Part 1 explores radial thrust and temperature rise while Part 2 looks at internal recirculation and air binding. Part 3 discusses discharge recirculation and discharge bypasses. All are written in a very understandable manner which is the goal of Pump Ed 101. These are scanned files and the resolution is not very good.

This tutorial explores the two most important preventive maintenance steps that influence pump and motor life. Part 1 looks at off BEP operation and outlines how to determine the “as built” operating point. Part 2 investigates current unbalance and the corrective measures that should be taken. Sometimes the flow and head of two pumps operating in paralle is not what we expect it to be. This tutorial takes a look at the performance of identical and dissimilar pumps and the effect of the system curve.