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Please forward this error screen to 144. Get a rate for your shipment with our simple-to-use quote tool or login for your customer preferred pricing. Have a shipment ready for pick up? Just tell us when and where—simple as that.

Real-time shipment status for your delivered and undelivered shipments. We are the original LTL Experts, and we intend to regain our leadership position. We will work to keep our promises to you with every shipment, every day. When you do one thing over and over and over again for almost 90 years, you get pretty good at it.

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And this is how shipping is done. YRC Freight is the largest subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc. Other YRC Worldwide subsidiaries include YRC Reimer, Reddaway, Holland and New Penn. YRC Freight is the leading transporter of industrial, commercial, and retail goods, specializing in solutions for businesses across North America through a full-service network, advanced information technologies, and proactive customer service. YRC Freight is certified for the C-TPAT, FAST and PIP programs for supply-chain security.