Hotel management prospectus pdf

This award will prepare graduates for employment in Ireland and indeed all over the world. The opportunity to travel and work in this dynamic and exciting sector hotel management prospectus pdf always worthy of consideration.

This honours degree was the first Hotel Management degree in Ireland and many graduates now work in senior roles worldwide. Graduates will have excellent employment opportunities, at various levels of employment, in all aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry at home and abroad. Alternatively, graduates may specialise in specific areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, operations management to name but a few within the service industries. At the end of year one, there is a twelve week work placement in an Irish hotel or other approved property, organised by the LINKS office in conjunction with the student. After the second year examinations, students undertake a thirty week industrial placement, organised by the LINKS office in conjunction with the student. Irish and European students must complete their placement outside of Ireland and non-EU students will complete their placement in Ireland. An industrial project must be completed in respect of this placement.

If students are considering an international career, the College would encourage students to study an international language during their four years of study and to complete their international placement in a location that supports the development of the language. Students are supported and monitored during their placement. Formal relationships exist with EU and American universities and these provide for exciting opportunities to study and work abroad during the second placement. The College has extensive international links with hotels, tourism organisations and educational organisations. Progression to full membership is possible on completion of a specified period working in the industry.

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