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Back Issues” from the “Magazine” dropdown menu. I want to download the ‘legacy’ MRH issues on to my Samsung tablet, using Android 4. I may have to use the ‘non Flash’ option. Ken King – Edmonton Alberta Canada.

Get ezPDF Reader Pro, and download to it. 2017 and are valid through 2017. Black Cat Mystery Magazine is a new publication, debuting in September 2017, which showcases short mystery fiction. These guidelines are designed to help writers craft stories for publication in Black Cat Mystery Magazine.

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We want to feature stories by a mix of new and established authors. We don’t care about race, gender, age, height, weight, sexual orientation, political attitudes, or much of anything else about our authors. We don’t care if this is you five hundredth story or your very first story. FREQUENCY: 2 issues the first year, 4 issues thereafter. EDITORS: John Gregory Betancourt and Carla Coupe. OTHER MAGAZINES FROM WILDSIDE PRESS: Weirdbook and Adventure Tales. We have been overwhelmed with submissions, and have filled both issues 2 and 3 far faster than we expected!

We are closing submissions until early 2018. We will do our best to respond within 1-2 weeks. It is not necessary to query us about a story you’d like to submit. If it fits our content guidelines, just send it along during the open submission period. We do not want early or late submissions.

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