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2 Days was directed by Tetsuya Nomura and Tomohiro Hasegawa. Nomura decided to develop a game for the Nintendo DS, and once a system had been chosen, decided upon Roxas as the protagonist. The development team wanted to use gameplay similar to previous Kingdom Hearts games but could not due to the insufficient number of buttons the DS had. 2 Days features a new gameplay mechanic known as the panel system which involves the customization of the character’s levels, items, equipment, and abilities. For example, certain magic spells cannot be used if their corresponding panels aren’t equipped, but can be used consecutively if multiple are attached. Limit Breaks, which previously featured in Square’s Final Fantasy series, can be activated during a battle once the character’s health drops below a certain level, indicated by a yellow health bar. Each character has their own unique abilities during Limit Breaks which allow a temporary boost to their normal abilities, whether it be increasing the attack strength or allowing multiple enemies to be attacked at once.

This is the first Kingdom Hearts game to feature cooperative multiplayer. The multiplayer gameplay is separate from the single player story and is mission-based, including cooperative and competitive player battles. 2 Days begins concurrently with the events of the original game and Chain of Memories. The game revolves around Roxas, who was first featured at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II. The newly born Roxas is discovered in Twilight Town by Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII, who recruits him as their thirteenth member.

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Unlike other Nobodies, Roxas lacks memories of his original self and develops a personality of his own as time passes. Over time, Xion develops a friendship with Roxas and Axel, eating sea-salt ice cream with them after missions at the Twilight Town clock tower. Roxas, she has visions of Sora after waking. In time, Xion questions her own existence, distancing herself from Roxas and Axel to find out about herself.