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Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks or boxes, misplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Indic text. SaM, means “completely”, “altogether” or “entirely”, and Tosha, “contentment”, “satisfaction”, “acceptance”, “being comfortable”. Yoga Darshana, which includes commentary of Rishi Vyasa on Patanjali’s Yogasutra, defines contentment as the inner state where, “mandukya karika sanskrit pdf a joyful and satisfied mind regardless of one’s environment, whether one meets with pleasure or pain, profit or loss, fame or contempt, success or failure, sympathy or hatred”. Santosha as a Niyama is discussed in Indian texts at various levels – intent, inner state and its expression.

As intent, Santosha is doing one’s best and accepting the results of one’s efforts. Maréchal states that Santosha is rooted in the desire to avoid anything negative to self, to others, to all living beings and to nature. It is not the state of abandonment or being without any needs, rather the state of neither taking too much nor taking less than what one needs, one of contended optimism. Santosha is a broadly discussed virtue in over thirty five ancient and medieval era texts of Hinduism. Most of these are in Sanskrit, but some are in regional Indian languages. As a few examples, Santosha is discussed as an important virtue and ethical concept in verses 2. 48 of Purana Samhita, verse I.

If you can succeed in making one of these a friend, then the others will be easy. That one will introduce you to the other three. In the Indian Epic Mahabharata, the virtue of Santosha is discussed in many books. There is no higher experience than santosha. When one draws away all his craving desires like a tortoise drawing in all it limbs, then the natural resplendence of his soul soon manifests itself. When one does not fear any creature, nor any creature is frightened by him, when one conquers one’s cravings and aversion, then is one said to behold one’s soul.

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