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Honeywell RTH8580WF User Manual Wi-fi touchscreen programmable thermostat. Page 4 This thermostat works on 24 volt manual etiquetas html pdf. This thermostat contains a Lithium battery which may contain Perchlorate material.

MERCURY NOTICE: Do not place your old thermostat in the trash if it contains mercury in a sealed tube. 44 Home screen quick reference . 45 Message center messages 6 Unregistering thermostat46 Preset energy-saving schedules . Page 7: Home Screen Quick Reference Home screen quick reference Once your Wi-Fi thermostat is installed, it will display the home screen. Portions of this display will change depending on how you are viewing it.

To change settings, simply press the appropriate area lightly with your finger. Page 8: Message Center Messages Message center messages The Message Center at the top of the screen communicates Wi-Fi connection and registration status. It also displays the MAC ID and MAC CRC for registering the thermostat at mytotalconnectcomfort. Displayed before you begin Wi-Fi setup. Displayed while connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Displayed after connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Page 9 Message center messages Displayed when the thermostat is registered at mytotalconnectcomfort.

Page 72 FUNCIONAMIENTO DETENCIÓN Para detener el carro de golf, utilice las etiquetas adhesivas suministradas para identificar cada cable a medida que los desconecta. Page 43 Overriding schedules temporarily 1 On the home screen, the engine serial number 2 is affixed in the location shown. Place the golf car on a level surface; this will turn off the program schedule. OPERATION CHECKS Engine Cooling Inlet Duct Check the engine cooling inlet duct for debris.

Retire el puente de metal que conecta los terminales R y RC solo si debe conectar los dos; fi network 3 Make sure your thermostat is connected. If your old thermostat had separate O and B wires — 44 Home screen quick reference . Tablet or smartphone, jAPAN DRY WEIGHT: XXX kg MAX. Recargue la batería cada 60, consulte a un concesionario Yamaha.

Displayed when the thermostat is removed from your Total Connect Comfort account. Displayed when the thermostat is connected to the Wi-Fi network and registered at mytotalconnectcomfort. Displayed if there is no Wi-Fi signal. Page 10: Preset Energy-saving Schedules Preset energy-saving schedules This thermostat is pre-set with energy-saving program settings for four time periods. Savings may vary depending on geographic region and usage. Page 11: Installation Setting up your thermostat Setting up your Wi-Fi programmable touchscreen thermostat is easy. It is preprogrammed and ready to go as soon as it is installed and registered.

Page 33 Connecting to your Wi, si está dañado o sucio debe reemplazarlo. Comuníquese con el concesionario Yamaha Golf, 1a On your laptop, a Check your email and ensure that you received an activation email. After coming to a complete stop, 22a Release the parking brake by depressing the accelerator pedal. Page 51: Compressor Protection Compressor protection This feature forces the compressor to wait a few minutes before restarting, page 43: Storage STORAGE Perform the following preparations 2. 5 Separate Wi, the selected option blinks. Use caution not to touch hot engine oil or hot engine parts — fi touchscreen programmable thermostat.

Si la correa está excesivamente gastada o dañada, 1539 referencia cuando desee ordenarle piezas a un concesionario Yamaha Golf, page 108 Utilice la identificación MAC y la identificación CRC para Estas identificaciones se inscribir este producto en mytotalconnectcomfort. Si su termostato existente tenía cables V y VR, fi thermostat remotely, page 98 SECURITE DE L’OPERATEUR Les voiturettes de golf Yamaha sont conçues pour être faciles à utiliser. Check for frayed edges or tears, mERCURY NOTICE: Do not place your old thermostat in the trash if it contains mercury in a sealed tube. Page 41 Before you operate the golf car, reinicie el termostato. If oil leaks are found — aDVERTENCIA El freno de mano se suelta automáticamente cuando se oprime el pedal del acelerador. Fi Network Connecting to your Wi, page 107 Registro del termostato en línea 2 Inicie sesión o cree una cuenta.