Merge many pdf files into one

PDF is a PDF creator that allows generating PDF files from any Windows application that supports merge many pdf files into one. This tutorial shows how to merge PDF files with novaPDF, by adding content before, after, on front of or as a background for the existing content of a PDF file. PDF has the ability to merge PDF files. PDF lets you insert content at the beginning of a PDF file, before its existing content.

Example: You are preparing a brochure and you have a Powerpoint publication with 5 slides and a Word document with 3 pages. Instead of sending for printing first the Powerpoint and then the Word document, you can create a PDF file that combines the content. First use novaPDF to create a PDF from the Powerpoint. Example: Excel has an issue when printing, so if you have multiple excel sheets into one document it will create a separate PDF file for each sheet.

PDF Professional can add the content of an existing PDF file as the background or foreground for content being printed. There are two ways of doing this, depending on how you have the Save options configured for novaPDF. Print, select novaPDF as the Printer and you’ll see the standard Save dialog. Use the Browse button to select the PDF with which you want to do the merge and select the Insert before existing PDF file option. If the existing PDF is password-protected, you’ll need to enter its password in the field below the option.

Press OK to create the merged PDF file. If you want to have documents automatically merged and saved to a specific folder, you can create a printing profile. On the General tab, select the Use predefined settings option. Select a folder where you want the PDF files to be automatically saved in. The File name macro will automatically use the name of the file being printed as the name of the resulting PDF file. In the When file exists section, make sure you select Merge with existing file by option. Please note that in order for the content being printed to be merged with an existing PDF file, that PDF file needs to have the same name as the one being printed, and they have to be in the same folder.

For merging you can select either Insert at the beginning or Append at the end. Use the Browse button to select the PDF with which you want to do the merge and select the Append to the existing PDF file option. PDF file containing the merged information. Click on the Overlays drop-down and select one of the existing predefined overlays. If you want to create your own overlay, click on the New button to open the Overlay Presets window. In the Overlay file section you have to Browse for an existing PDF file that you want to use as an overlay template every time a print job using this overlay profile will be created.

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