Present perfect just already yet still exercises pdf

Present perfect just already yet still exercises pdf’ai fait ce powerpoint à partir du travail d’Isabelle Boresy. Révision du PRESENT PERFECT à travers les fabuleuses expériences de Bob Fergusson, notre reporter préféré!

First experiences – “Play the first game, then click on “Play this game”below and practise. Watch the little movie and do the 4 pages of activities. Interactive Book – Have you been abroad? The Present perfect with Daniel Seddiqui. Perhaps, you have seen this young man on TV.

Read his intro and work on his unique experience. Nicolas Labarre – Collège Le Marin – Ac. Why are these little bunnies laughing? Match the people and what they have done. It can be played in groups.

Tell the class you are a time traveller and you have come from a time between 1200 to the present. Change each sentence from the present simple to the present perfect. Present perfect – “Read the situation and then write an appropriate sentence. Example: Tom is looking for his key. Example: I ___________ my father’s car. Answer: I have washed my father’s car.