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We are experienced in helping people do just that. This rent increase notice california pdf you can feel comfortable with your decision and secure in your move  without an expensive house hunting trip. Can you send me a list of apartments in Austin?

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a true updated list of available Austin apartment rentals. The main reason a list wouldn’t help you is that it doesn’t show what is available! Availability of units for a particular price, area, etc. How else can you help me? Why are there no addresses listed in your ads? In order to receive credit for leasing the property, we have to show you the property. In order to give you the most choices, we work all open listings, not just ours.

We are dedicated to delivering exemplary service while providing our customers with essential information and resources to make informed relocation decisions in choosing a quality apartment environment. Our mission is to be your full-service, one-stop source for finding the best rental at tremendous savings and making your next move simple and hassle-free. Population is booming in the Lone Star State: According to the most recent numbers from the U. Census Bureau, Texas has added more new residents than any other state in the country. Released Thursday, the Census Bureau’s population estimates paint a picture of nationwide growth from July 1, 2014 through July 1, 2015. Texas gained a whopping 490,000 new residents in that time.

Together, the Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth metro areas were responsible for more than 412,000 of those new Texans. With a 3 percent population increase, Austin-Round Rock was the fastest-growing metro area in the state, the seventh fastest in the nation. The area added 57,395 new residents — that’s about 157 people per day. Falling just behind Houston is Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, which added 144,704 residents. 1 million means Dallas-Fort Worth remains the most populous metro in Texas and the fourth largest in the U. Expect the depth and stability of the luxury downtown apartment market to be tested in the next few months.

The latest apartment survey published by Austin Investors Interests LLC indicates vacancies are growing substantially in that particular market segment. How will the impact of another 5,800 units affect this downtown area? Investors in older product are taking advantage of demand by creating more appealing, renovated units. Over a third of the market has or is upgrading to at least faux wood floors, two-inch blinds, brushed nickel hardware, new appliances, ceiling fans, granite counters, paint, hardware and lights.

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The next several months will be very telling about developers’ decisions to flood the market with expensive units. 31 per square foot, about 6 percent more than a year ago. 52 per square foot, an increase of 2. Concessions, such as free rent for several weeks, are returning to the market, mostly among new apartment communities downtown.

About 2,615 new apartment units delivered across the market in 2Q 2015. About 12,080 units are scheduled to deliver in the next year. The Austin metro has been a national leader for economic growth for more than two years. With tight occupancy, apartment operators have pushed rents, but rent growth levels dipped a bit in 2014 in response to a growing amount of completions and notable construction pipeline. Driving the recent slowdown was softness in the top-end of the market. For example, Class A product saw a mere 1. Class B assets during the same time.