Samsung air conditioner error codes pdf

For details, check the LED display of the outdoor controller board. Refer to the technical manual samsung air conditioner error codes pdf the outdoor unit. No comp start up tho at all. Outdoor unit appears in good condition with no corrosion.

Any Techs out there have any idea or where to go from here. Would be much appreciated as single mum with little funds n hot Christmas looming. Is your Daikin AC showing an error code? Error codes can show on either the inside unit or the outside unit. These error codes will tell you what the issue is with your Daikin AC. Knowing the error code will assist you in finding the problem with your air conditioner and you can then fix it yourself.

You can go to the Daikin AC error code search page here. Error Code Search offers information on the cause of the malfunction and the status of your air conditioner by entering the error code. Defective float switch or short circuit connector. Broken wires in, short circuit of or disconnection of connectors from the fan motor harness.

Hola que tal, need assistance with your Daikin Air Conditioner? TV Screen Is Black, how Do You Delete Your Hulu Account? It is doing it 3, does My Fridge Have A Dirty Air Filter? How To Fix And Clear Error? Este en mi equipo westinghouse de 12000 me sale ERROR EC; what Does This Fault Code Mean?

Defect of high voltage power supply unit. The capacity setting adaptor was not installed when replacing PCB. Malfunction of liquid pipe thermistor for heat exchanger. Malfunction of gas pipe thermistor for heat exchanger. Malfunction of fan motor sensor or fan control driver. Defective connection of capacity setting adaptor field setting error.