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You can print them out, or save them to your own desktop to use as you wish. Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. Are Intel Processors for Apple’s Mac on the Chopping Block? What’s All This Software Stuff, Anyhow? Can Supercapacitors Surpass Batteries for Energy Storage? Advances in supercapacitors are delivering better-than-ever energy-storage options.

In some cases, they can compete against more-popular batteries in a range of markets. A supercapacitor is a double-layer capacitor that has very high capacitance but low voltage limits. They consist of two metal plates, which only are coated with a porous material known as activated carbon. As a result, they have a bigger area for storing much more charge. The plates are immersed in an electrolyte made of positive and negative ions dissolved in a solvent. When a voltage is applied, two separate charged layers are produced on the surface with a small separation distance.

For instance, they maintain a long cycle lifetime—they can be cycled hundreds of thousands times with minimal change in performance. On the other hand, supercapacitors are offset by their low energy density. Thus, they can’t be used as a continuous power source. One cell has a typical voltage of 2. Different materials, such as various carbon materials, mixed-metal oxides, and conducting polymers, have been used for supercapacitor electrodes. Advances in carbon-based materials, namely graphene, increase the energy density to nearly the level of batteries. Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel and an excellent conductor of electricity, which makes it far better option than copper.

Graphene is a thin layer of pure carbon in the form of a two-dimensional, atomic-scale, honeycomb lattice. Researchers at companies developing commercial solutions for graphene supercapacitors are targeting much more efficient and eco-friendly energy-storage solutions at lower price points. Skeleton Technology’s graphene supercapacitors will be key players in a new transport fleet trial in the UK, turning rigid diesel trucks into hybrids through power from regenerative braking for the first time. Go, a UK-based startup, is launching a new type of charger specifically for the business traveler. It uses graphene supercapacitors to charge phones in five minutes. The company had to develop a new type of power supply, because getting enough power into the charger in a few minutes wouldn’t work with existing power supplies.

Other companies are developing supercapacitors with interesting applications, too. Eaton, a power-management company, offers supercapacitor solutions such as coin cells, large cells, small cylindrical cells, and modules. The XLR modules consist of 18 individual Eaton XL60 supercapacitor cells designed to provide 48. Maxwell Technologies’ supercapacitors are used for regenerative-braking energy storage in the Beijing subway system. Vishay offers its 220 EDLC ENYCAP with a rated voltage of 2. It can be used in several applications, including power backup, burst power support, storage devices for energy harvesting, micro UPS power sources, and energy recovery.

Though a single supercapacitor cell will provide 2. 7 V, higher voltages can be achieved by connecting several supercapacitors in series. Just as with lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors in a stack might not have the same capacitance due to manufacturing or uneven aging. Strings of more than three capacitors require voltage balancing to ensure long operational life, preventing overvoltages by keeping the voltage on each cell as low as possible to achieve the needed total stack voltage. Engineers can choose from various devices designed specifically to manage the unique requirements of supercapacitor charge, depending on the application. When the input power is lost, the bidirectional switching controller LTC3350 acts as a step-up converter to provide power from the supercapacitors to VOUT, which becomes the backup power for the application.

Power backup by charging a bank of up to four supercapacitors in case of a power failure. Balancing and overvoltage protection to the series stack of supercapacitors. Monitoring of system voltages, currents, and die temperature. Internal capacitor voltage balancers that eliminate the need for balance resistors. Intersil’s ISL78268 is a synchronous buck controller designed to support an input voltage range of 5 to 55 V. The buck controller integrates a peak current mode control for PWM generation and a constant average current loop ideal for supercapacitor charging. Maxim’s MAX13256 H-bridge transformer driver is another solution for charging supercapacitors while simultaneously driving a system load.

Advances made in supercapacitor capacity and energy density will ultimately lead to greater functionality and more overall presence of the devices throughout the energy industry. Based on all of their inherent advantages, supercapacitors should help reduce the costs to the customer by minimizing the amount of batteries needed, as well as the frequency of battery replacement. While testing can assure customers whether supercapacitors are reliable, manufacturers are not required to comply with a specific standard or test. A few standards intended for supercapacitors let manufacturers voluntarily test their products using different methods.

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