Tutorial bootstrap 3 español pdf

Please tutorial bootstrap 3 español pdf this error screen to sharedip-1486613653. Can I send the QIF file to Google Docs or Dropbox?

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While creating a new transaction, there is no field for setting the payment method. How do I import categories in batch? Payment methods are defined for account types. By default, there are no payment methods for cash accounts, only for bank accounts. When you choose your custom file as import source, you can decide to import both parties and categories, or only categories. Calls OI Color Picker, if available on device. Includes category definitions from Grisbi, licensed under GPL v2.

Includes OpenIAB, licensed under Apache License, Version 2. Translations are managed at Transifex, which provides a nice editor with very helpful productivity tools. If you want to start a translation into a new language, or help review or complete one of the existing ones, please register at Transifex. This resource has the titles for the help dialogues, and all help texts. Upgrade This resource stores the description of changes for each new version.

They are shown to users after an upgrade, but they are also used to populate the changelog on this website. For some languages, these were originally taken from Grisbi. For a new language, it is not necessarily best to translate the existing English categories, but it might be more interesting to define custom categories that reflect more accurately the economic reality of a linguistic region. This resource includes the English categories as a template that could be used to create a category hierarchy for a new language. You do not need to contribute to all of these resources, once Strings are translated, users can profit from the interface in their language, even if they get the other resources in English.

Localized versions of the FAQ are nice-to-haves, but not essential. If you find a problem or think of an improvement, create a new issue, in Github’s Issue Tracker. If you are interested in helping to test upcoming versions, please join the My Expenses Testing Google Group. Please consider purchasing one of the Licence Keys and gain access to more features. Conversion between foreign currencies and home currency.