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Please forward this error screen to 77. Provide a monitored, consistent, and expedited health worker training process, including a certification program, for the Mother Child Protection Card. The CBT will accelerate the current pace of training to health workers by using over 1,000 computer literacy centres throughout Maharashtra. For record-keeping of services provided during pregnancy, postpartum period and childhood Tool for families to learn, understand and follow positive practices for achieving good health of pregnant women, young mothers and children Helps families to know about various types of services which they need to access for the health and well being of women and children. Empowers families to make decisions for improved health and nutritional status and development of young children on a continual basis.

Who are the specific target groups for the card? Pregnant women Families with children under 5 years of age Who keeps the card? Pregnant and postpartum women Mothers of children under 5 years of age. Across Nine columns in this section depict Months of Pregnancy with pictures of pregnant women The first column corresponds with the first month of pregnancy, the second with the second month of pregnancy and so on.

Down Six picture boxes depict services that a woman must seek during a pregnancy The columns alongside each picture are for recording the appropriate information. The schedule in the card gives information about the immunization and the doses of the Vitamin A to be given to the child during the first three years Boxes in the chart indicate each type of vaccine, date to be given, date when it was given and the age. Pink row on top of each box is for filling the date when the child is expected to come for next immunization. Health Sub-Centre Code To be serially given by Block HQ . 1 st December, 2009 starting from 5000 From 1 st April each year, the codes will be given afresh starting from 0001. This guide book is to be used as a reference book by these functionaries of health and ICDS to focus on under three.

Post natal care for ensuring that the minimum package of services are delivered to the beneficiary. MCP card has already been disseminated in the year 2010-11 for implementation by the States. The MCP card helps in timely identification, referral and management of complications during pregnancy, child birth and post natal period. The card also serves as a tool for providing complete immunization to infants and children, early and exclusive breast feeding, complementary feeding and monitoring their growth.

The Government of India has standardized the health information a mother receives upon the birth of a child in the form of the Mother Child Protection Card. The benefits received from this card are greatly dependent upon the training of health-care providers, who must teach and reinforce its messages, and instruct mothers on how to use the card. The current process of classroom trainings, however, will take several years for health workers to have learned the programme, and these trainings do not include a certification process to ensure the quality of knowledge a health worker has acquired. This programme addresses the need to provide a monitored, consistent, and expedited health worker training process, including a certification program, for the Mother Child Protection Card. However, the CBT will be quicker, monitored, more consistent, contain more interactive exercises, and will allow a vehicle for certification of health workers. The ETH model, devised to reach every nook and corner of the country, is an innovative one. Course materials are bundled in a user-friendly manner.

Also, the bundling is such that even those who are novices in the Internet world shall be able to overcome the fear of technology. To put this in a simple perspective, we have packages called the E-Cube, which is a troika of courses that seeks to make our mission, helping education reach homes at the click of a button or by meeting with the counsellor at our network of learning centres. Also, the flexibility of the nature of the education that we offer is the sure shot method of making education a total activity. ETHRL is seen as the mother station where various software services and solutions, which include quality content, are produced in a user-friendly manner. The appeal lies in it being palatable to a vast cross-section of people.

Upon the start of training, each health worker will have to log on to eth. They will be instructed throughout this process. Each health worker will get a login ID. With the help of this they can appear for any tests they have to, at a convenient time. There are no pressures to handle–therefore learning is unhindered.

We aim at making the student a practical thinking one. Health workers are free to choose the closest LLC to their location. To find out the nearest LLC, eth. At this point in time ETHRL’s vehicle of taking the various courses to your doorstep is widely accepted as the most effective method. Also our course is far more affordable than many online education sites. Besides the ease of affordability, an average student requires to clock 50 hours to fare well in the exam. This actually deals with the partnership within Network i.

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